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How to Create a Healthy Plate

A healthy plate is an easy way to control portion sizes. Fill half your plate with nonstarchy vegetables, one quarter with lean protein, and one with whole grains for a healthy eating plan.…

Food Industry Machines That Are At Another Level

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An NFL Diet: Eat Like A Houston Texan

Fueling up for a play-off game is not an easy task, and the Houston Texans get plenty of help eating the right foods to perform on the field.

Texas Children’s Director of Sports Nutrition Roberta Anding is also a sports dietician for the Houston Texans. She took some time in the Fresh Bistro at the Pavilion for Women to give us a behind-the-scenes glimpse of what’s on the menu for the team and tips on how you too can be as healthy as a Texan.
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MORNING ROUTINE 2018 | Productive & Healthy | Renee Amberg

Happy Friday! Todays video is going to be an updated morning routine for 2018, a new year morning routine! I really wanted to stick to this healthy morning routine of bullet journaling, running, meditating, reading, and so on. Let me know if you guys want an updated 2018 healthy and productive night routine as well!

Love you guys!

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A Sample Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

Trainer Drew Manning shows Dr. Oz and guest Kendy what he typically eats when he follows a ketogenic diet. Then, Dr. Oz weighs in with his concerns about this high-fat, low-carb diet.

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Healthy Eating – Portion Control

Learn how to control your eating by setting up a plate to give you proper portions of each food group. For more health tips and recipes, visit…

Prostate Cancer: The Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Exercise

Prostate Cancer: The Benefits of a Healthy Diet and Exercise
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Want your body to fight off prostate cancer? A healthy diet and regular exercise may help.

Video transcript:
I spend as much time talking to patients about their unhealthy lifestyle and dietary habits as much as the cancer. I don’t have enough time to talk about the cancer because half the time we’re talking about how incredibly unhealthy we live. We live in a society, and I’m sorry this sounds so militant, but [laughter] you can feel my frustration. We live in a culture that breeds cancer. We have an incredibly calorie-dense, high-animal-fat, lazy environment that we live in which is completely different than anything humanity has ever really know and then after that the anxiety, you know. There is a woman who goes around and talks about, you know, how we can treat our children better but–and to use her words we live in the fattest and most anxiety ridden, more heart disease, most drug addicted, you know, culture than ever than humanity has ever known. And we can’t make the cancer go away and unfortunately for most of you those types of interventions are not going to make things turn around, but they may set you up to be healthier and stronger to handle whatever stresses the cancer and us may throw at you.

Video description:
Surena F. Matin, M.D., associate professor in the Department of Urology at MD Anderson discusses the importance of a healthy lifestyle and diet in fighting prostate cancer at the 2011 Prostate Health Conference, “Protect Your Prostate: Get the Facts,” September 10, 2011, Houston, Texas.

John W. Davis, M.D., assistant professor in the Department of Urology at MD Anderson, chairs this educational conference for healthy men and those with prostate cancer, as well as their families. The Prostate Health Conference updates men on current issues in prostate health, prostate cancer, prevention through diet and exercise, screening, treatment, research and education.

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer among men in the United States, and more than 192,000 cases are diagnosed each year. More than 2 million men in the United States, one man in every six, have been diagnosed with the disease.

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Exercise and Bone Health in Children and Adolescents

Dr. Sherilyn Driscoll discusses how exercise helps children develop healthy bones.…

What Are The Food Industries?

The food industries are establishments whose activity is production, processing, processing and/or packaging; the storage and / or distribution and / or transportation and / or the importation of food or food products destined for human consumption, of materials and objects intended to be in contact with food or technological adjuvants used for the preparation of food.
Its high production volume and geographical scope of free marketing; This is what differentiates them from retail and non-industrial establishments.
There are also labels of self-adhesive paper products that have a resistance of less than one year depending on the climatic conditions in which they are.
The primary objective of the labeling is that all the information on the products is accurate and reliable.


Nowadays it is necessary and obligatory to take into account all the essential measures to guarantee that the products that are consumable and that are commercialized in national territory contain the requirements in their labeling to ensure the most important aspects of commercial information and thus achieve active and healthy consumer protection. There are many types of product labels, but the most suitable for these cases is polypropylene because it is a very resistant plastic material with excellent presentation, which can last several years without any problem since it resists temperatures from -28 ° C to 100 ° C. ° cPolypropylene is guaranteed to be used in frozen food or refrigerated goods since the ink used to print practically indelible, the label most used in the field is white with black ink.

Tips to know how to interpret the labels of the foods that we consume

Luckily, consumers have valuable tool available, food labels, which let us know what each food contains to make better decisions when going to the supermarket to buy.

Knowing how to interpret the labeling of foods will allow us to:

  • Choose what diet is best for us according to the food we eat, our tastes, preferences, etc.
  • Distinguish ingredients that can cause allergies or intolerances.
  • Choose better healthy foods.