How to Remove a Small Tree

If you have a tree in your yard, whether it’s a tree that’s been there for decades or a newly planted tree, how to remove a tree that’s blocking a walkway, porch or pool is an important consideration. Tree service companies specialize in tree removal and don’t just handle getting rid of big trees that are a problem. Smaller branches can often be easily cut down to size to fit in a pruned green mass can, which then becomes the new walkway. But when cutting large branches or tree roots, the danger of serious damage to yourself and the tree can be even greater. A tree service knows how to remove a tree safely and effectively, while avoiding dangerous tree injuries.

Tree removal services employ a variety of methods for tree removal and one of the most common is arborists using hydraulic equipment. Hydraulic arborists use a powerful compressor that pumps compressed air into a root ball, loosening the soil around the roots so they can fall into the ground. Tree arborists can also choose to dig up the entire tree to get to the weak, damaged parts, but this method does take a bit more time and effort. A more humane way to get rid of a tree, especially one that’s not being actively supported by a stump, is to make a small hole near the obstruction, cover the hole with dirt and let the tree drop through. Tree arborists are trained to handle the tree safely and have appropriate equipment, training and practice to do it effectively.

It can be tempting to just pull the tree out of the way, but doing so could cause serious damage. If you don’t remove the stump, it may eventually grow back, even after it has been removed from the path of your foot traffic. And tree care professionals know that removing a stump also removes oxygen from the soil. This is bad news for plants that need sunlight to survive, because the absence of oxygen means the plant will die. It’s also bad news for you: if the stump is not properly removed, your lawn and garden may pay the price.

A good tree service will use techniques for removing a small tree that will prevent damage to your landscape. If you are looking to remove a tree that is too big or that is encroaching on your yard or property, then tree removal is an option that must be considered. The process of removing a large tree can be very dangerous and cause injuries. Tree removal companies use special tools and equipment for taking out large trees and they work carefully and slowly to ensure that nothing catastrophic occurs while removing the tree.

How to remove a tree that is close to your home is equally important, since you may not be able to reach it or climb it safely. One way to remove a tree that is nearby is to dig a hole underneath it and drop the tree in. The tree will usually grow in the hole and continue growing, reaching your yard in a few years. Another method involves using a root ball. A root ball is a large bag filled with soil that is designed to help hold roots and soil together. When the tree is removed from the ground, the root ball is removed along with it.

How to remove a tree with hardwood is relatively easy, as long as you have the correct tools, know how to handle the tree (carefully), and are prepared to spend some time digging (often up to several feet). For tree removal, I highly recommend renting or purchasing a stump remover/root cutter from a reputable hardware store. This device will cut through tough thick roots so the tree can be removed quickly and efficiently. It also cuts the stem and makes it easier to dispose of the cut stump when the tree is removed.

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